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Athul Joy

iathul athul-joy

I am Athul Joy. I am a fullstack developer at Lightrains Technolabs. I am interested in open source technology.

Sudipto Chakraboryy

I am a Software enthusiast and engineer, want to build an amazing application someday!

Michael Alestock


Just an IT professional & game-hacker who wants to become better at Windows administration and hacking games.

Andrew Deason


Code, crypto, games, motorcycles

José Torres


I'm still a beginner and want to learn more programming languages.

Vesna Bozic


Just a IT girl.

Yarden Ankonina

I am a CS student in my third year, commiting in my first open source project



Hi, i'm StringManolo, i'm from Spain and i love programming languages, linux and hacking

Khem Singh

Not Active

Hello! My name is Khem Singh. I am a student and trying to learn web-development. This is my first open source contibution.

Gianluca Cinà

living in Palermo (Italy). Bachelor degree in communication.

Juan Pablo


I'm Juan! a programming passionate and business man hoping to take the business world to the next level

Terrance B. || JScrips


Hey! my name is Terrance. I'm an entry level Web Dev. I enjoy video games and good food, and learning everyday.

Javier Benavides

Made in Arequipa, living in Lima (Peru). Bachelor degree in advertising. Current student of MIT xPro Professional Certificate in Coding. 🏳️‍🌈

Colby Killian

Colby Killian GitHub KillianBeast

I am a Computer Science undergrad at Texas Tech University. I am learning to become a back-end developer. I love sports and playing games with my friends. Wreck 'Em!

Mahima Khatri

MahimaKhatri Mahima Khatri

I am new to web development and opensource as well but I really love the idea of beginning with all that I have learnt as of now. I will be happy to learn more and contribute in community in whatever way possible.

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Pran Gopal Shrestha

Your handle

I am Pran Gopal Shrestha. I am from Nepal, currently staying in Sydney and studying IT.

Sharan Kumar


Hi I am Sharan Kumar, I am learning Front-End.

David Lemming

No twitter :(

Hi, my name's David and I'm a university student from Germany. I am currently in my first year of learning Computer Science.

Abdullah Sajjad

Abdullah Sajjad @Abdullah_webdev

Hi! I am Abdullah Sajjad, a web designer/developer focused on crafting great web experiences. Coding has been my passion since the days I started working with computers but I found myself into web design/development since 2020. I enjoy learning Web Development and new technologies. Learning Everyday, Uplevelling Everyday.🙂

Kunal Giri


My journey with programming started 2 months ago after I graduated. Yeah I wasted my college years, and now I'm trying hard day/night to make up that time. I believe in myself and I'm going to be a professional developer soon.


Armand Rave @Armand

@Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers à Paris



software developer. I mainly use Python and JS/TS

Lauriane Marin

Lauriane Marin

I'm a web development student who loves to create beautiful and functional interfaces 🎓💻

Cheri Haggard


Coding and robotics teacher for elementary and middle school aged kids



Software Developer

Satyam Kumar

@Satyam Kumar

I am Student who care about their family😊.

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Yasith Nirmana

@Yasith Nirmana

Hello! My name is Yasith Nirmana. I am an undergraduate student. This is my first open source contributions.

Maykon Borges

@maydougB @maykonborgs

I'm a computer science student, lately I've been studying JavaScript

Asmahan Mohamed


I discovered coding during (one of) the lockdown(s) and I'm seeing where it takes me! I hope to eventually make a career change but, for now, I'm working on learning as much as I can.

Chrystian Pereira


A brazilian professional astronomer working with solar system small bodies

Vaishnavi Bhustali


I'm a Computer Science student exploring tech.

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Adrian Castro


Hello 👋 I am a husband and father who decided to make a career choice toward tech. I enjoy Front-End and have aspirations to become Full-stack one day!

Prajwal Prakash


I am a freshman Computer Science Student Learning to develop preety sustianable solutions.

Waleed Ahmad


I'm a tech enthusiast and a student of BS Software Engineering. I'm also learning MERN stack. And new to this amazing Opensource community of Github.

Devesh Joshi


Hi, I am here to explore the software side of the tech world. I am interested in Control Systems and Embedded Systems

Sumit Gupta/p>

I am a full stack developer.Looking for contribution to the diverse world of open source.

Bogdan Kostyuk


Hello everyone. At the age of 14 I discovered thing called programming. Now I am a web developer, who knows some of the very best technologies, like Vue.js, React.js, Next.js and Nuxt.js

Kunal Sheengada

Ninja Kunal

I am a Web developer, competitive programmer and a newbie in open-source contribution

Pyaeh Phyoe


A web developer

Chantae P.


Currently figuring out my niche in the Tech world. So far I've been teaching myself HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Viveena Rathi


I'm a Web Developer and a tech geek. Aiming to contribute more towards Open Source and grow mt network.

Nawed Ali


I'm a Front-End Developer from New Delhi, India exploring the world of Open Source.



Just trying out my first genuine PR. Thanks for the support.

These are some great and refreshing Website Designs for inspiration.

Aman Kumar


A passionate developer looking to learn new things while making projects that will help solving real world problems and play a role in betterment of the society



I'm a software developer fascinated by programming & IT and everything in its orbit.



Web Developer. Interested in React and Nextjs.

Jatin Verma

justjatinverma justjatinverma justjatinverma

Interested in WebDev and Cybersecurity

Joshua O. Adenusi


React Native Coding Ninja. I enjoy coding under brilliant baroque music followed by booming rap verses. Says the phrase "You can look at this in at least two ways" a tad much. A quiet talkative.



Interested in WebDev, Java and 3D modeling


Hey,There I am Akhik,currently a High school Student.Currently i am learning java and DSA.


Sewook Han

Web Developer. Interested in React and TypeScript.



Hi my name is David and Im passionate about web development. Happy coding to everyone!



I'm a former cruise ship musician turned full-stack JS developer.

Avril Key


NYC-based Computer Information Systems major currently focused on learning Data Structures & Algorithms. I look forward to learning more about open source and contributing to more projects.



CS Student, focusing on mobile development especially Android platform



Mobile App Developer

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Pratik Gahane


Hello everyone 👋
My name is Pratik. I am currently pursuing MCA and I love backend development.

Micah Weston


Hello, I am a Front End Engineer based in San Antonio, Tx.

Sakthi saba


Hi there! I am from india and I am learning to code.


Just someone who enjoys coding when there is free time.

Gregory Shaw

Gregory Shaw

Hi there! I run a Telecommunications company in South Africa and I am learning to code.

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Hey.. I'm Chethana, pursuing Bachelor of engineering in computer science. This is my very first open source contibution. My field of interest are Data science and Machine learning.



I am a freelancer, working remotly with different start-ups. I am persuing my goal to become a Digital Nomad.

Shrimad Bhagwat


I'm a self taught Programmer, a Web Developer and I am studying Computer Science Engineering.

Cassandra Shennum


I'm a stay at home mom who loves to play video games and D&D. I'm currently learning about Markdown and HTML.

Kira Overton


Aspiring software developer looking for open-source opportunities

Aaron Kennedy

Love to learn coding. Currently seeking career change

Ahmed Fathy

Ahmed Fathy

Senior Computer Science Student, good in Algorithms, Data Structures, Object-Oriented Programming, and Problem Solving skills. Detailed-oriented, responsible, and committed engineer, with a get-it-done, on-time, and high-quality product spirit. Quick learner, self-motivated, and social.

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Rameen Khan

Rameen Khan

Hey, I am Rameen Khan and this is my first contribution to an open source project 😃

Ritu Singh

Ritu Singh

Hey, I am Ritu Singh. I am a Pre-final Computer Science Engineering Student from Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical University Lucknow I m very excited for my first open source projects 😍😃

Vibhor Singh

Me at linkedin

I am just another web developer with big dreams and big issues with learning.



I am an avid programmer From Rwanda with a lot of love for open source

Satchit Hari


I'm an engineering student tring to learn about contributing to open source projects.

Harshita Kohli


I am a Nature Lover, a Web Development Enthusiast, a Passionate Singer, an Ardent Photographer and a Problem Solving Maniac!!

Sayo Bamigbade


I like to code and play guitar in my spare time.



A Curious Developer

Iftekhar Ahmed


Currently studying BSc. in CSE. Liking the open-source environment. Looking forward to contribute more on this community.

Izzminhal Akmal


Beep boop... I'm waiting to finish school to finally dedicate my time for programming (I *almost* use Arch Linux, btw).



Hello, I'm Kunal and I enjoy learning and exploring various tools and technologies of the Web Dev world.



Hii! I am Trisha, I'm currently pursuing my graduation in the field of I.T

Sean Su


Hi my name is Sean and I'm a recent Electrical Engineering graduate from York University looking to find an entry level software developer job ;)

Abhinav Agrawal


Hey, I am Abhinav and this is my first time contributing to an open source repository. I am currently in Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal

Pavan Padubidri

PadubidriPavan pavanpadubidri padubidri-pavan

Hi, I am Pavan Padubidri! 😃 I am a graduate student at New York University. My areas of interest are NLP, ML/DL and AI.

Rathijit Paul

rathijitpaul Rathijit Paul rathijitpapon

Hi, I'm Rathijit Paul from Bangladesh, currently a final year undergraduate student in BUET . I'm a passionate full stack developer.

Massoud FATAOU


I'm not human. I am a spider born from the collision between gaming and programming

Prince Agrahari


Hi! I'm a 20 year old from India, currently pursuing my Undergraduate in Engineering from Hi-tech AKTU University. I'm a coder, web developer, and also a technical content writer on Medium. I look forward to learning new things everyday!

Amisha Singh


Hi! I'm a 20 year old from India, currently pursuing my Undergraduate in Engineering from Panjab University. I'm a coder, web developer, and also a technical content writer on Medium. I look forward to learning new things everyday!

Vishnu Prasad


I just completed my college and i live in India .

Insoo Kim


I am an electronic engineer interested in Digital Twin, AI, and recombinant innovation using C/C++, C#, JavaScript, AVR chips and mindmap.Backpack travelling for 20 more countries for 25 years.

Matt Elliott


I'm a chief product officer and full-stack web development student

Juan Mejia

@JuanMej90071181 Juan Mejia Juan Mejia

I am a coder and physics aficionado looking to build the next big thing

Daniel Westfall

DanWestfall6 Daniel Westfall Daniel Westfall

Web Developer. Interested in Web accessibility and React.

Tuhin Das

tuhindas30 tuhindas30 tuhindas30

Full Stack Web Developer. Loves to play with React.



Web developer, looking for something to contribute to

Julien Mihai

JulienMihai mihaijulien JulienMihai

Interested in tech, currently focused on machine learning.

Arsheel Sheikh

arsheeltwts ArsheelSheikh Arsheel Sheikh

Hey! I am Arsheel Sheikh Opensource enthusiast, connect with me on socials ^^

Rishika Swaraj

RishikaSwaraj risacker Rishika_Swaraj

I am Rishika Swaraj from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. I am a Cybersecurity ethusiast. I am currently learning app development and new to opensource.

Kurtis Hanson

kxrtiswithak kxrtiswithak kxrtiswithak

Just finished reading Rich Dad Poor Dad. Gonna go YOLO my life savings on AMC, hopefully it's not too late

Rahul Goyal


Hey! I'm Rahul and From Rajasthan,INDIA



I would like to thank "Contribute-To-This-Project" for their attitude and wonderful opportunity to make my first ever public pull request.

Artem Chekin


I'm a former nurse who decided to change his career path to web development. Currently obsessed with React Framework.

Dipesh Babu

Dipesh Babu

I make awesome AI/ML applications for awesome people.

Ashish Patwal

Ashish Ashish Ashish

Hey there . My name is Ashish Patwal . I am a linux enthusiast and love open source and FOSS . I love learning new things and technologies while also discovering new ideas , trends and innovations . I have worked with diverse projects and technologies . And yes i also love working with arduino projects .

Mohd Fayaz


I am fayaz, a front-end developer and an IT student.

Prantik Mukherjee


I love to code and build something for the community

Rômulo Pinheiro


Passionate about code and solving puzzles. When I'm not creating something, I'll probably be somewhere playing some guitar.



After gaining interest in web development through The Odin Project, I am now studying to become a Fullstack Developer. I hope to be able to contribute more to open source projects in the future :)

Rafael Pili

The Prodig Jedi

I would really like to start contributing to open source software!

Dimakatso Makgatho

  Dimakatso Makgatho

I am a complicated individual that expresses himself through code.

Mocktic Joshi


I love to code and build something for the community

Ayushi Raj


I love singing, web development and coding.

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Rahul Dev Sharma


I love playing cricket, code, cryptography.

Abhishek Bharti


I have a great interest in web development, and wanted to explore more in this field.



about you

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Web3 dev getting started on Github.

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Chris Harris

chrisharris333 cmharris333 ChristopherMichaelHarris

I have professional experience with several programming languages, including c++, c#, java, html/css, and more. I love cars, computers, and SQL Server.

Janhavi Pimplikar


I'm currently a Computer Engineering junior at Pimpri-Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune.

Deepika Uchil

ThePika90 UchilDeepika

I am a 30 year old currently working on .NET desktop application hoping to switch to web development soon.

Egidijus Luinevicius

EgidijusLu | EgidijusLu

I'm 35yo self-taught web dev(well, not yet, but dreaming big). Love tech. Love the philosophy of Alan Watts.

Prajwal Prakash


I am a freshman Computer Science Student Learning to develop preety sustianable solutions.

Olawale Akewushola


A Web developer primarily working with Javascript, I make responsive websites designs optimize for both web and mobile.

Collins Boit

Collins Boit | l00pinfinity

A student pursuing Software Developement and I love linux. Let's connect.

Leonardo Benicio


Backend Developer, DevOps and data science researcher and amauter security researcher

Suraj Sarangi


Engineer || Front-end dev || Back-end dev || Data scientist

Find me on Twitter or LinkedIN

Moody Omar


I’m simply self motivated, super positive and ambitious guy with a deep passion for ‏the Tech World Ohsince forever. Oh and I love to travel.

Tim David Harris


I am a self-taught developer who is blogging about my journey towards landing my first tech job. I enjoy playing board games with my family and friends.

Aneesha Rose

Rawz roseaneesha

A CS undergrad, Web Developer, A front-end developer, Tech enthusiast, A dancer, A future business woman

Elias Inácio

eliasinacio_1 eliasinacio eliasinacio

I'm a Front-end developer from Brazil and I'm 19 years old. I love music and programming. 🎶💻
Developing some things with Bootstrap 5, Sass/SCSS and currently studying React.


Timonwa2 Timonwa

My name is Pelumi but I sometimes go by Timonwa, I'm a self-taught growing female frontend developer with skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and now Javascript. I one day hope to be a skilled and respected Frontend and App Developer and also contribute/own my own successful startup(s).

Jona Wessendorf


20-year-old computer science student who loves to code in his free time. Currently, learning frontend development.

Antonio Rodriguez

arodriguez240 Personal Site arodriguez240

I am a frontend developer, who specializes in building (and occasionally designing) exceptional digital experiences.

Alexander Kurbatov

AAKurbatov AlexSiberia

iOS Developer

Debakalpa Roy


A CS Undergrad trying to learn about OSS ❤

Aradhana Nayak


Animefreak | Novice Front-end Developer | Novice Flutter, Dart Learner | J-pop is awesome

Bismeet Singh Marwaha


Loves to code,also interested in finance,stock markets and philosophy.

Amit Singh


I am a CSE Junior form India. Technology excites me, like to play basketball and surfing new techs on internet!



I am a coder. I love cracking algorithms. Just starting out on open source projects. :)


Birju Soni

like's to Keep Going

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A guy with glasses | Student | Newibe to front-end | Likes drinking water

Jaden Zaleski

jadenzaleski jaden.zaleski

Im a student who loves the outdoors and a good coding project to work on.

Abhigyan Srivastav

CYBER-BRIX Abhigyan Srivastav

I'm a Open Source Enthusiast And Also a Fresher At My Bachelor's Degree From Computer Application👨‍🎓

I'm Passionate About Coding And i Really Like To Work With Java👨‍💻

I Also Like to Learn New "Stuff".


@SDesires1 @SDesires

Hobbyist Web Developer. Fluent in HTML, confident in CSS, and currently learning JS. I enjoy playing with Typography and anything that has to do with music and art combined. I am self taught and enjoying learning new things.



CS Learner



I am currently working as a data analyst, but my heart beats for illustration and programming. So much joy and so much fun when I can create stuff. I hope to switch my career to web developer this year, bring those part-time hobby to full-time job! Because you know what, we only live once!



I've been programming since I was 12 (I'm 50 now). My professional life has kept me away from this tomorrow but today I am getting back to level.

Adil Jamal


Freshman engineering student. Making his first steps in Opensource-Dev.

Alex Verhulst


Hello there! My name is Alex and I'm starting my journey in software development. I really enjoy the Python programming language and want to learn more about open source projects.

Thalles Augusto

@ThesllaDev Thalles Augusto

Hi! I am a brazilian student of Front-end development, lover of the open source world, technology, innovation, digital inclusion, games, sport, gamifications, nature.

Kaustubh Singh


I am a student of engineering in India. I like photography and painting and I am starting to like Web Developement and open source lately.


sanket puhan

A software Engineer working on ML and Ai , along with web-dev specializing in both frontend and backend. Professional experience with the technologies listed in the toolbox below

Salil Chincholikar

oksalil chincholikarsalil

DevOps, Data Science, Programming and Cyber Security enthusiast | Guitarist and Metalhead\m/

Kayla Alewine


I am a middle school science teacher working through a career change into the field of webdevelopment. I love yoga, hiking, reading and cooking.

Scott Jellen


Front-end developer || Web developer || Career changer

Ravindu Miyuranga


A self-motivated team player capable of taking on any challenging work environment, and also have the curiosity of discovering emerging technologies.

Kaustubh Natuskar


I'm a pre-final year undergrad student at mumbai university.I love programming & CS. Feel free to connect with me.



Self taught programmer attending college at fuck off university. Majoring in Computer Science.

Lucia Mezquida

Lucia Mezquida

Frontend developer in the present. Pharmacist in the past. Enthusiastic of coding, snowboarding and cats.


@PhilOh_K @philip-hobobo

Developing Web Developer. Studying HTML, CSS, and Python at the moment. I have a passion for languages as well and I am learning Spanish at the moment. Espero que todos aquí tengan un buen día! Love Japan as well. Any random facts about Japan, manga or anime recommendations, don't be afraid to reach out!

Morgan Moreno

Morgan Moreno

Self taught software developer. Basketball & video game junkie. Nature enthusiast. Always looking to learn something new.



Undergraduate student at UC Irvine pursuing a B.S. in Software Engineering.



Future super cool iOS Developer who is going to be the pirate king!



Business Consultant transforming into front-end developer | Passionate about UX and EX | Bringing ideas to life



Undergraduate student from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science specialising in DevOps.

Shreya Purohit


I am a sophomore who loves to code and build productive web applications to help myself and others.

Pranav Singh

Pranav Singh @theBeginner86 @theBeginner86

Pursuing engineering degree from VIT Vellore, India. Loves to observe nature and people. Right now learning Web Development and fascinated by the word "Open Source". Looking to meet new people and gain more experience.



I am a cool person.

Tina Myers

Tina Myers @myerstina515

Software developer, previously worked in physical therapy in a nursing home in the Seattle, WA area. Lots of interesting stories to share! Primary Languages: JavaScript, MERN stack, redux, AWS, postreSQL, material-UI, bootstrap, react Native, Angular



This is Shikha ,I am pursuing my B.Tech Computer Science Engineering .I am just start learning the essential thing in my field , GitHub is one of them.

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Kushal Das


Mentor @ The Sparks Foundation. Python developer👨‍💻 || Data science enthusiastic|| Competitive programmer.

Surbhi Mayank


Flutter Developer || Competitive programmer || Java enthusiastic.

Alka Das


JAVA,C++ PROGRAMMER || Quarter way to Web Developer || Curious Learner

Augusto Arraes


Hi, I have a goal of buying my first house in 2021.


I am new to open source contribution and learning it.

Bernardo Munz

@moonbe77 | Bernardo Munz

Hello there I am Bernardo, I am a future web developer, I'm trying to change my career into web developing, I being studying and doing some web project for the last 5 years just for fun but now is time to dedicate full time to this amazing world.



I am a programming student passionate about frontend technologies, I have participated in programming contests of the ACM ICPC.

Mohammad Iftekher Ebne Jalal (Iftu)

Iftekher Iftu

Web-dev is kinda fun since I've been learning. I am more interested to see IoT evolving with flexible wearable devices.

Philthy-Phil-Philanthropist Ziegelbauer


take the risk or lose the chance** taking the first step to get a full stack developer.

Jeferson Cardoso.


Antifascist, developer backend

Stacy Burris

@Stacyjaneb @stacyburris

JavaScript developer with a past in cosmetology. Learning to bring my creativity into technology.

Jorawar Singh


Computer Science Student

Arif Mamon


2020 Graduate Student . Currently Developing Side Projects .

Shakira R. Salazar


Jr. Front-end Dev. Working on making a tetris game and my own soda :D

Kiran Iyer


I'm a software engineer at 100Devs. Here, I primarily design & build interactive websites with responsive features and web applications using current frameworks and packages, delivering timely solutions while maintaining customer satisfaction.


Gladiator @Gladiator-16

High school dev, situated in India Open n friendly nature, My passion is to become a fullstack dev adn a app dev Hobbies: hardware tech and hacking

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Debasish Patnaik


Trying to learn something new everyday.

Ritesh Dabral


MERN stack developer and technology enthusiast.

Tarcísio Batista de Freitas Júnior


Software engineering at Banco do Brasil. Starting to dive in open source world , @tiagostutz .

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Lavish Arora

Lavisharora30 Lavish_arora_30 lavish-arora-30

I am Lavish Arora , pursuing B-Tech at JIIT Noida . I am a competitive programmer and love problem solving . I have learned C,C++ and currently working on DSA. And learnig webdevelopment Also I am a beginner in open source.


Your handle

Looking to work on OSS with you guys