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This is a tutorial to help first-time contributors participate in a simple and easy project. Get more comfortable using GitHub and make your first open source contribution. It's quick and easy.

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I'm 19 y/o majoring in Computer Science from India. I'm learning MEVN Stack and JAVA + DSA. My fav artist is Travis Scott.

Indu Kushwaha


I am a frontend developer. I have experience in html5 css3 bootstrap4 javascript reactjs . I just want to restart my career . so I just learning to contribute to open-source projects. Hope this will help me and others also. so that I can share my learnings and skill with them.

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Ze Xin


Just a software engineering undergraduate and Gunpla enthusiast. Best wishes to all developers and have an awesome day.

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Oluwaseyi Akinbile


I'm an aspiring Fullstack Web Developer,
When I'm not writing code I'm either reading a book, writing heart break or love songs,
watching a movie, or thinking about what to eat, then thinking about making it,
then feeling tired and then resorting to eat whatever is available

Kuon Yaw


Best wishes to y'all. Wish open-source projects never die. Hope more pc games can be run on apple silicon Mac computers without all the hassles :P

Cian Gallagher


Hello there, I'm a Finance professional who is career pivoting into the Tech field. I've always been interested in software and technology, also I'm a learning addict!

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Mohammed Arbazuddin Qureshi

@mohammed arbaz

Student of CS,Currently learning web developement and practising DSA

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Baraa Mansor


Hi, I am an aspiring Web developer who is working to learn everything, and I am hoping to have a full stack ready to work before this year ends

Shubhdeep Singh


I am a proud computer engineer I know java, java script, solidity,html,css. i am going to use my skills to contribute to open source. 😄

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I am a student programmer and currently focused on putting what I've learned into good use by contributing to open source projects. 😄

Anurag Tiwari

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Your handle

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Matheus Trilha Koch

Matheus T. Koch

Hi, my name is Matheus! I started studying web development in 2022 and i plan on being a Front-End developer. Best of luck to all of us on this journey!

Mohammed Asadullah Sayeed


CS Student learning open source and development. Minimalist :)

Matheus Trilha Koch

Matheus T. Koch

Hi, my name is Matheus! I started studying web development in 2022 and i plan on being a Front-End developer. Best of luck to all of us on this journey!



Aspiring Developer

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Tebogo Ndaba

Tebogo Ndaba

Fullstack Developer, fanatically obsessed with code.

Abdullah Bin Rashid

Abdullah Bin Rashid

Junior Flutter Developer Thriving to become React&BlockChain Developer

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Nehemiah Dias

Nehemiah Dias

Someone obsessed with Software and Web Applications since I was young :)

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Shivam Verma


Learning version control system

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I am a geek who is passionate about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Abdou Lahboub


just a 19years old boy enjoy coding and want to learn more.

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Sachin Sharma


Trying to learn and enjoy

Sai Kumar


Trying to make a change

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Somesh Bhandare


Aspiring Developer

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Neil Gebhard


I'm a web developer from the tiny island of Saipan.

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Now I am an electrician but I want to be a programmer so i need to learn fast . I think that programming is very interesting. I love the idea that you can travel anywhere and you have your job in laptop. You dont have to back to your city after holiday, you can stay anywhere and work at any hour, bulding interesting things. It,s make me feel some kind of freedom ...

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Rodrick C.


Aspiring Web Developer | Hobby Digital Artist | Chronic Overthinker. Moving forward one heavy step at a time.



I code 👩‍đŸ’ģ, gym ⛹ī¸â€â™€ī¸, game 🎮 and play table tennis 🏓, I am also a student 👩‍🎓

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Aneke Michael


I'm Michael, a Software developer with vast knowledge in Front-End Web Development and am also very proficient in Digital Marketing. Highly trained in programming and Software Development and known for having talents in object-oriented programming and debugging.

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Ed Olivares

@Ed Olivares

One step at a time, learning to be a better web developer

Mohand Alloun


25 | Aspiring web developer | #100DaysOfCode | Learning in public | Tweets about my journey of learning web development

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I am Web Programmer!

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Marvin Raiser


Developer of an Integrative ecosystem for remote diagnosis, observation and control in combination with cloud computing for autonomous dronesystems in the air or on ground. Starting with ROS2 nodes on the drones to microservice architecture for backend servers to frontend web development.



Relax like no one's watching. Encrypt like everyone is. A tech enthusiast who learns how to live a modern lifestyle with privacy in mind. Privacy is Freedom!

Isaac D. Hernandez

@axiom_of-choice @Zorns_Lemma

Graduated Mathematician and Data Scientist :)

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Kwame Lamar


I am a newbie in tech!

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Your friendly neighbourhood developer.

Justin Brown


I'm learning how to code and use developer tools to get a job as a self-taught developer

Akintunde Owojori


about you

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Harshil Savaj

Harshil Savaj

University Student can Devlop ASP.NET webapps and Knows Data Analysis



I like anime, code, and motorsports



Hi I am Teresa, I am learning how to use GitHub.

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JK Lagrosa


I designed and developed websites and web applications with a focus on usability, accessibility, and performance.

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I am currently a software engineering student in University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia.

Shawon Krishna Saha

@Shawon Krishna Saha @hs_arch3type

I'm a self-taught Web Developer (trying to be), I love to learn different coding languages to design beautiful and functional websites. I am a Student of Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB). Then moved to coding platform to fullfill my long lasting dream.


@TenTraicion @TenTraicion TenTraicion#6565

I'm a student and new to this programming world. Recently set my goal to become a Full Stack Web Developer. I am eager to join any community which is friendly enough to accept me as one of them.


324Hz win21H2

Hello all! I am 324Hz and I am a (quite advanced) front/backend developer for my website and I am currently working on this repository which uses image recognition to control an Arduino which controls Project Silent Willow (a preoject I am making).

My most used code/editors

Also the tag format in the contrib. file... i-... no words :)

Syk Houdeib


I love staring at maps, dosing off to David Attenborough's documentaries, listening to 4'33'', and learning more web development everyday. I hate cows and straight lines.