Syk Houdeib

Front-end Developer

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Syk Houdeib||@syknapse

Front-end Developer with an eye for the beautiful, modern, and responsive web.


I’m excited by the endless creativity of the web and its constant evolution. I find myself always on the lookout for the latest in front-end technology and the ideas that drive it. I love getting involved in projects, understanding its needs and trying to build beautiful things with the best functionality needed to achieve its goals.
Responsive design


I strive to make my projects work seamlessly on any device; from the smallest mobile to the largest desktop setup

Modern technologies


Using the latest technology and the most suitable modern approach while maintaining compatibility

Dynamic and usable


Simple and intuitive, yet fun and enjoyable to use



HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript
CSS grid/flexbox, Bootstrap, jQuery


I love a challenge and I have a constant urge to learn, discover, and explore. I have been a teacher, a musician, and worked in restaurants, but in programming I have found a deep passion. I would love to hear about your projects and see if we can collaborate on making something good.
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